Digital Musical Instruments - Sonic Interaction Design - Digital Fabrication - Qualitative Research Methods

I obtained a PhD from  the Centre for Digital Music - Queen Mary University of London with the support of the MAT programme. I've been working with some great people at the Augmented Instruments Laboratory under the supervision of Andrew McPherson You can find here more details on my doctoral quests. More recently, I worked as composer in residence at IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic) Uni Graz within the Inter_agency project, and as postdoc at the Intelligent Instruments Lab - Icelandic University of the Arts. I am currently doing research on interaction design methods for children at InfoMus - Casa Paganini, University of Genoa. In between and throughout these larger projects, I often run research collaborations, art-technology consultancies and small workshops on digital instruments design. 

I am always looking for new adventures. Please get in touch if you would like to have a chat! 

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Gourdarzi, V., Gioti, A., Lepri, G., and Morreale, F. - Exploring Participatory Sound Art. Proc. International Conference on Music Computing (ICMC) 2019, New York City, New York, USA. 2019.
  • Lepri, G. Where does your instrument come from? EiTIC Doctoral Student Workshop, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2018.

PhD & Master Thesis 

Journal Articles

Research Projects I had the pleasure to work on

  • EU ERC INTENT - Intelligent Instruments: Understanding 21st-Century AI Through Creative Music Technologies
  • EPSRC UK Research & Innovation - Design for Virtuosity: Modelling and Supporting Expertise in Digital Musical Interaction
  • EU Culture METABODY  - “Media Embodiment Tékhne And Bridges Of Diversity”
  • EU ICT MIROR  - "Musical Interaction Relying On Reflexion"
  • EU ICT SIEMPRE -  “Social Interaction Entrainment using Music Performance”