Giacomo Lepri 

Somewhere between music improvisation, audio-visual composition, interaction design and academic research, let's say I am specialised in not being specialised. 

My work often involves the development of interactive musical systems and instruments. My research combines music performance, instruments crafting and HCI. I explore sonic interaction design practice to play with the illusion of music and the magic of technology.

I often collaborate with artists from other disciplines such as dance, theatre, visual art and design. My skills are mainly related to the design of new interfaces for music performance, however I sometimes arrange audio-visual compositions and installations.


I studied at the Conservatory N. Paganini (electroacoustic music composition and performance - BMsu) and at Sonology and STEIM (Instruments & Interfaces master program - MMus). I was visiting student at the University of Edinburgh (Composition and Music Technology programme). I have a PhD in Media & Arts Technology from Queen Mary University of London.

I often perform, present or exhibit my work(s) in academic and artistic contexts. These include ICMC - NIME - DIS conferences, Sonology - The Hague, ZKM - Karlsruhe, IEM - Graz, Ars Electronica - Linz, EmuFest - Rome, STEIM - Amsterdam, IRCAM - Paris, Guildhall School of Music - London,  China Conservatory of Music - Beijing, MediaLab Prado - Madrid,  Bauhaus University - Weimar.

I worked as sound designer and researcher at research centre InfoMus - Casa Paganini - EECS - University of Genoa. I worked as researcher at the Augmented Instruments Lab - C4DM - Queen Mary University of London, and at the Intelligent Instruments Lab - Icelandic University of the Arts.

I taught at the Conservatory of Genoa N. Paganini "Interactive Multimodal Environments" and I was Teaching Assistant (TA) for the "Sound and Music Production" module at EECS department - Queen Mary University of London. I regularly organise and deliver workshops on Digital Instrument Design.