The Polyqin is a modified Duxianqin that allows the performance of multiple sounds simultaneously. This instrument also extends the range of sound produced by the traditional Duxianqin. The Polyqin expands the sonic scope of the instrument and introduces new performative techniques. This project was part of the Du Xian Qin International Workshop: a cross-cultural event focused on reimagining traditional music instruments through digital technologies.

Duxianqin ( 独弦琴, meaning single-string instrument ) is a traditional instrument played in southern part of China (Guangxi province) and in Vietnam by Jing ( 京 ) people. Duxianqin is a plucked instrument with only one string and an unusual pitch modulation mechanism for the left hand. The instrument can be played either as solo, singing accompaniment or in ensemble. Originating from ancient times, the music of Duxianqin usually tells wishes and hopes for better life, love stories and hymn for their hometown.