Interactive Music || Improvised Composition


A long-lasting project on electroacoustic improvisation and sonic interaction design. IM{S}IC can be considered as a non-representational account on the design of interactive systems for music improvisation.

The system relies on a set of musical interactions based on the multimodal analysis of the instrumentalist’s behaviour: observation of embodied motion qualities (upper-body motion tracking) and sonic parameters (audio features analysis). Expressive cues are computed at various levels of abstraction by comparing the multimodal data. The analysed musical information organises and shapes the sonic output of the system in real-time, thus influencing compositional and performative decision-making processes. 

Through the years of practice, the affiliations between the musical feature analysed and the music generated are continuously developed, refined or altered. The system therefore evolves and materialises the author’s musical aesthetics, embodied practices and technical expertise. The musical script enclosed in IM{S}IC can be interpreted as an auto-ethnographic quest on the relations between the author and his instrumental practices (clarinet and live electronics).


This projected started at STEIM and at the Institute of Sonology during the Master by Research "Instruments & Interfaces".

The movement analysis implemented in InMuSIC is based on the EyesWeb platform.

The system framework for the analysis of expressive gestures refers to the research carried out at InfoMus - Casa Paganini.

  • Toward a minimal representation of affective gestures, Glowinski et al., Affective Computing, IEEE Transactions , 2012
  • Understanding musical expressiveness using interactive multimedia platforms, Leman & Camurri, Musicae Scientiae, 2006

Various free improvisers had a try with the system. The musical results of this encounter opened up many interesting conversation on the system potential to be used with a broader range of instruments. 

Listen to some of excerpts from recordings of a few brilliant musicians and improvisers trying the system for the first time.


Semay Wu - Cello


Pete Furniss - Clarinet


Tomer Baruch - Rhodes