Happy Predal - portable and hackable foot controller


The Happy Pedal  a portable foot controller for the performance of electroacoustic live music. This happy controller is designed for the electro-instrumental practice of clarinet and electronics.  This pedal rack is suitable to simultaneously interact with the clarinet and the electronic.  The Happy Pedal is conceived  to  control in real-time whatever software unit.

The Happy Pedal can be easily transported due to its astonishing foldable properties! This is bananas...


Being a "clarinet player" my setup usually involves the real-time processing of the clarinet.  The idea was to conceive and design a suitable interface that could allow a direct and reliable control of DSP algorithms.

A foot controller represented a suitable interface solution. Since I often travel for gigs and concerts, I generally look for portable and robust equipment. The Happy Pedal was indeed designed to fit into my backpack. It features nine different controllers: five happy switches, three knob and the possibility to connect an expression pedal.


It is also possible to connect an expression pedal to the Happy Pedal..


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A Max-MSP patch was developed for the Happy Pedal. The DSP algorithms designed are conceived to process in real-time the clarinet sound. Below it is possible to hear how does it sound.. 

Live sampling and playback


Live sampling and playback + feedback delay


Pitch shift + feedbak deay


Live granulation


Randomised chorus