Artists, technologists and makers took part in a hackathon around the themes of absurd musical interfaces, questionable sonic interactions and unworkable music designs. For a full overview of the event see the Absurd Music Hackathon webpage and this Bela Blog post.

The hackathon, which was organised with the support of the MAT Programme, took place at Queen Mary University of London on the 8th and 9th of November and began with the following call to arms: "Making absurd, surreal and silly musical propositions. Composing unconventional artefacts challenging current music technology. Subverting the ways we use musical tools to reveal unstated assumptions and explore alternatives"

In order to support participants two external mentors have been invited to join the event: Hannah Perner-Wilson & John Bowers. Over the course of two days the hackathon participants were given technical and spiritual workshops on everything from victorian synthesisers to e-textiles, performance ecologies to Bela. See the Absurd Music Hackathon call for participation.


A special thank goes to the wonderful Augmented Instruments Laboratory and Bela teams that, in one way or another, made this event possible.