Text: Nora Gomringer

Music: Giacomo Lepri, Irene Pacini, Michele Pizzi, Luca Serra

Actors: Silvia Beillard (Lei), Luca Criscuoli (Henry), Marta Gerosa (Henny), Federica Toti (Henny), Ruth Heynen (voce tedesca)

Production: Goethe-Institut Genua and Conservatorio di Musica Niccolò Paganini “Der Klang des Südens - Un viaggio attraverso suoni, parole, musica” project coordinated by Roberta Canu with the artistic supervision Roberto Doati.


An imagination based on a soundscape. A journey through communities and spaces. A story of missed encounters and shared sounds.


La Lanterna is part of Der Klang des Südens - Eine Reise durch Töne, Worte, Musik, a larger project by the Electronic Music School at Niccolò Paganini Music Conservatory and Genoa Goethe-Institut which involved three different cities hosting a Goethe-Institut at the beginning of 2010.

Der Klang des Südens concerned the realisation of three Hörspiele (radio drama) based upon original German texts and music by different composers. The idea of the southern trip (Eine Reise in den Süden), a topic of the German Romanticism, has been developed here starting from the Soundscape of each of the three cities involved in the project: Barcelona, Genova, Lisboa.

The starting point for the production was the Marinetti’s definition of radio: Wireless Imagination. In fact, the trip we gave the chance to make to the three writers - Judith Kuckart for Barcelona, Nora Gomringer for Genova, Juli Zeh for Lisboa - was the one we arranged for them through the sounds of our Soundscapes. This was the only source of inspiration to write their texts. Then the texts were translated in Catalan, Italian and Portuguese and the voices acting them, as well the Soundscape, formed the basis from which the musical part of the Hörspiel was developed. Therefore the sounds from the South reached Germany becoming text and then went back to the South to turn again into sounds.