Audiovisual compositions

- "Acacia" explores the relationships between audio and visual materials conceived as two autonomous entities. Purely synthetic sounds are juxtaposed to images of nature. The two agents constitute a flexible dichotomy involving analogies and contradictions.
Acacia is the result of the collaboration between two fellow composers.

Giacomo Lepri - Stefano Sgarbi



- “Strong and Light” music video based on  the four elements, their stages of change and their transformations - Strong & Light focuses on the visual and audio entities that can be found in nature underlining their sophistication and ambiguity


- "Ikù Batà" music video based on the motion analysis of afro-cuban percussion performance - folkloric Batà drums - the kinetic/motion energy extracted from the bodies of each musicians, through a multi-layered mapping strategy, is used to generate and control the visual progression 

Interactive audiovisual installations

- “Shed Light On” multimedia interactive audiovisual installation, the interactive paradigm of “Shed Light On” creates a condition of proximity that allows the user to experience a mixed and ambiguous reality - alignment/misalignment of virtual and real environments


- "Melotronica" an hybrid electroacoustic instrument

- "InMuSIC" an interactive musical system for electroacoustic improvisation

- "Accidental Ensemble" an unexpected ensemble of electroacoustic improvisers

- "Fondi al Fondo" video sponsor of the project "Fondi al Fondo" fundraising for the renovation of the headquarters of the Laboratorio Ri-Percussioni Sociali

Il Lab Canta De Andrè

- Live @ la Claque

- Live @ trogoli di S. Brigida - Sinan Capudan Pascià

- Live @ trogoli di S. Brigida - A Cumba

- Live @ trogoli di S. Brigida - Megu Megun

- Live @ trogoli di S. Brigida - A Cimma