A few projects at the intersection of music, dance, body movement and theatre 

Dance and Movement

Motioncomposer a device that turns movement into music. It is designed for persons with different abilities, including those with cerebral palsy, aphasia, autism, quadriplegia, blindness, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. It is for small children, senior citizens and everyone in between. 

Awarded with a special recognition at 2016 edition of Guthman Musical Instrument Competition - Georgia Tech - USA




Terra di Fate - contemporary musical theatre , International Festival of Poetry - Genoa 2012 - with Attilio Caffarena (director), Riccardo Dapelo (audiovisual), Andrea Nicolini (performer)


Il Grande Tempio - civil musical theatre

With Luca Agricola (performer and director), Alessandro Ginevri (music), Stefano Gualtieri (music)